JY-350F Automatic flow wrapping machine(Brush-t)

Product name: JY-350F Automatic flow wrapping machine(Brush-t)

Main performance & characteristics

1.Adopt a higher precision Servo system,with PLC & AC inverter intelligent and step-less controlling .which can realize simple operation and more correctly cutting.

2.High-sensitive  photo sensor,automatically adjust,track,find cutting point,accumulatively count packs,Automatic measure bag length.

3.Digital and independent PID temperature controlling,suitable for various packing materials.New type double fin sealing design makes the packaging high efficiency and beauty. Adjustable bag former and pitches,enable the change of packing products conveniently.

5.The machine covered with full stainless steel materials.With timing belt transmission,Compact structure,lower noise and less shake.

6.Variety of optional device is available,Like:Touch screen/Date coder/Labels applicator/Euro slot or hole punch/Gusset forming /Nitrogen or gas inflation/Spraying alcohol/Automatic film splicer/Auto feeding/Desiccant feeder /Auto falling/Products conveyor/No products no packing I Check weigher / Metal detector etc.

Using range

Mainly used for various kinds of solid objects with regular shape(Square/Rectangle/Circular/Ellipse/Flake etc.),such as ice lolly,ice cream cone,cookies,bread,adhesive tape,pharmaceuticals tools,daily necessities,hardware,or any other products loaded in box or tray.

Technical parameter

Model JY-350F
Packing speed (bag/minute) 30-200bag/min
Packing size (mm) 
Length x Width x Height
Maximum width of film (mm) <360mm
Thickness of film (mm) ≥0.02mm
Power 220V,50/60HZ,3.0KW
Overall size (mm) 4600*880*1550mm
Weight 700kg
Package 2.6CBM.2CASES
Packing material OPP/PP、OPP/CPP、PT/PE、PE、KOP/CPP、PT/PE/、AL/PE etc. Any heat-sealable composite materials foil/film
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