Y-350C-HSI type ice cream automation packaging machine

Product name: Y-350C-HSI type ice cream automation packaging machine

Main performance & characteristics

with 6500-10000 pcs/hour design and color line, the whole machine is made of stainless steel; completely rustless, more suitable for use in humid and other bad working conditions; on the machine, advanced controller, frequency conversion speed regulation, LCD, friendly man-machine interface are used, it is easy to operate, and can be used with ice cream production line; automatic materials separation, feeding and packing are completed in one time automatically; bag length and paper speed are driven by servo motor, bag width regulation is easy and flexible; temperatures on all seal ports are controlled independently, suitable for various packing materials, and seal ports are nice and reliable. Standard clearance is for 6 ports, or 12 ports. For 6500-10000pcs/hour color snow cake automatic production line, three single-channel packing machines can be used, and bidirectional and intermediate materials feedings layout is used, which reduces mechanical load and improves production efficiency.

Using range

Suitable for ice lolly,ice cream cone,sandwich ice cream etc.

Technical parameter

Packing speed (bag/minute) 160
Packing size(mm) L: 150-250 W:35~100 H:20~50
Maximum widthoffilm(mm 350
Power 2.25KW
Power 1.5KW
Rated voltage 220V/50HZ
Pated frequency 50HZ
Weight of the machine 1000KG