JY-350C-HSII type automation ice cream packaging machine

Product name: JY-350C-HSII type automation ice cream packaging machine

Main performance & characteristics

1、the whole machine is made of stainless steel,completely rustless and waterproof,more suitable for long-time use in humid and other bad working conditions;

2、perfect combination by advanced frequency conversion speed regulation and step drive,operation on LCD is easy and simple;

3、paper length regulation is accurate,differential structure feeding,never stop;

4、 start and servo of the whole machine can be controlled by any controller,and two machines can work independently;

5、precise mechanical structure,compact,easy to operate;

6、the machine can be used with ice cream production line,automatic materials separation,feeding and packing are completed in one time.

Using range

Applicable for working with the automatic production line of pattern ice cream with an output of 13,000-15,000 pieces/hour; with many changes,the machine is used for the packaging of block,bar and frozen food like Popsicle and ice cream.

Technical parameter

Packing speed (bag/minute) 260-280(2)
Packing size (mm) L180-238 W35-100 H20-40
Maximum width of film(mm) 350
Motor power 3kw(2 SET)
Heats up power 3.2kw(2 SET)
Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Weight of the machine 1500Kg

All packing sizes of the machine can be made according to customer''s requirements