JY-420F Automatic flow wrapping machine

Product name: JY-420F Automatic flow wrapping machine

Main performance & characteristics

1 .Adopt a higher precision Servo system, with PLC & AC inverter intelligent and step-less controlling .which can realize simple operation and more correctly cutting.

2 .High-sensitive photo sensor, automatically adjust, track,find cutting point, accumulatively count packs,Automatic measure bag length.

3 .Digital and independent PID temperature controlling,suitable for various packing materials.New type double fin sealing design makes the packaging high efficiency and beauty.

4 .Adjustable bag former and pitches,enable the change of packing products conveniently.

5 .The area connect to products are full stainless steel.With timing belt transmission,Compact structure, lower noise and less shake.

6 .Variety of optional device is available,Like:Touch screen/Date coder/Labels applicator/Euro slot or hole punch/Gusset forming /Nitrogen or gas inflation/Spraying alcohol/Automatic film splicer/Auto feeding/Desiccant feeder /Auto falling/Products conveyor/No products no packing / Check weigher / Metal detector etc.

Using range

Mainly used for various kinds of solid objects with regular shape(Square/Rectangle/Circular/Ellipse/Flake etc.),such as moon-cake, muffin cake,bread, fruit pie,biscuits,swiss roll,sweets, chocolate, pharmaceuticals tools,medicine,daily necessities, hardware, or any other products loaded in box or tray.

Technical paramete

Model JY-420F
Packing speed (bag/minute) 30-200bag/min
Packing size (mm) L80-350
Length x Width x Height W10-60/60-120 H5-40/40-70
Maximum width of film (mm) <420mm
Thickness of film (mm) ≥0.02mm
Power 220V,50/60HZ,3.0KW
Overall size (mm) 4400*940*1640mm
Weight 650kg
Package 2.8CBM.2CASES
Packing material OPP/PP、OPP/CPP、PT/PE、PE、KOP/CPP OPP/PP、OPP/CPP、PT/PE、PE、KOP/CPP、PT/PE/、AL/PE etc. Any heat-sealable composite materials foil/film