JY-350-HSIII Multi-function 3-stage ice cream bar automatic packing machine

Product name: JY-350-HSIII Multi-function 3-stage ice cream bar automatic packing machine

Main performance & characteristics

1.The whole structure is in face-back-face pattern,easy to operate and convenient to maintain;

2.The whole structure is made of stainless steel,by special stainless steel surface treatment technologies and proper sealing technologies,completely rust-proof and water-proof,ideal for use in humid environment or other unfavorable environments for a long time;

3.Packing speed and packing length are controlled by perfect combination of advanced variable frequency speed regulation and servo driving technologies. The LCD screen is easy and convenient to operate;

4.Whole unit start and interlinked operating speed can be controlled by any one mainframe;

5.Packing length is tracked by photoelectric eyes accurately and automatically,manual adjustment is unnecessary after settings;

6.With features that the mechanism is precise and compact,and it is easy to operate,etc;

7.The unit can be used together with ice cream production lines to finish automatic materials feeding,transferring and packing in one time.

Using range

Applicable for working with the automatic production line of pattern ice cream with an output of 18,000-20,000 pieces/hour; with many changes,the machine is used for the packaging of block,bar and frozen food like popsicle and ice cream.

Technical parameter

Packing speed (bag/minute) 180-368
Single packing speed 120
Packing size L150-250 W35-100 H20-40
Packing membrane extreme breadth 100-350
Horizontally delivers the power 2.2kw(1 Table)
Packaging machine total output 4.5kw (3 Table)
Thermal rating (list KW) 4.8kw (3 Table)
Rated voltage 380V/220V
Weigh of the macihne 2500KG

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