JY-700 Flow wrapping machine

Product name: JY-700 Flow wrapping machine

Main performance & characteristics

1、PLC with touch screen controlling, Speed controlling via inverters, automatic tracking, temperature controller and solid-state relay elements are adopted for accurate assurance at the index of the packaging pattern,seal temperature and speed etc.automatically displays the speed and length of the packaging to ensure cutting accuracy.

2、AC motor with converter,the step- less control realizes the dynamic adjustment in operation.

3、Photo-detection and dual tracking make the machine eliminate packaging error effectively and prevent material waste

4、Seal at a low temperature and effectively avoid stopping machine and burning the films.

5、The different former are very convenient for changing products.

6、Automatically Display the packaging length and speed, ensuring cut off accurately.

7、 Compact structure and low noise.

Using range

Mainly used for various kinds of solid objects with big sizes: such as: cookies,bread,pizza and cake bases, instant noodles, toilet paper,sanitary towel, baby diaper,fabric,infusion bag, pipe and fittings,lamps and lanterns,Industrial parts,pharmaceuticals tools,daily necessities, hardware, or any other big sizes products loaded in box or tray.

Technical parameter

Model JY-700/150 JY-700/180 JY-700/210
Packing speed (bag/minute) 50-120bag/min 50-120bag/min 50-120bag/min
Packing size (mm)
Length x Width x Height
L60-400 L80-400 L100-400
W20-150 W20-150 W20-150
H15-75 H30-90 H40-120
Maximum width of film (mm) <700mm <700mm <700mm
Thickness of film (mm) ≥0.025mm ≥0.025mm ≥0.025mm
Power 220V,50/60HZ,3.7KW 220V,50/60HZ,3.7KW 220V,50/60HZ,3.7KW
Overall size (mm) 5000*1300*1600mm 5000*1300*1600mm 5000*1300*1600mm
Weight 1200kg 1200kg 1200kg
Packing material OPP/PP、OPP/CPP'' PT/PEx PE、KOP/CPP PT/PE/x AL7PE etc. Any heat-sealable composite materials foil/film