JY series-Full Automatic feeding and packaging system

Product name: JY series-Full Automatic feeding and packaging system

Schematic diagram

Main performance & characteristics

1、This machine is our research and development according to market demand created by the new generation of products,to achieve the tray out of production or mv production lines messy or neat material,instead of manually entering the material automatically after finishing packaging machine functions,Widely used in moon cake,French bread,pie,swiss roll,peanut candy,pineapple cakes and other production line.

2、this product has the appearance of clean,beautiful,compact structure,reasonable,simple and flexible,running fast,smooth,low noise,with the front-end production equipment,packaging equipment,perfect backend phase characteristics.

3、the main control circuit adopts international famous brand PLC,touch screen display,servo control; good user interface make operation focused on intuitive and convenient. Simple structure,easy to clean,the belt can be quickly removable without tools

4、the downsizing of the packaging process in direct contact with the material to avoid secondary pollution,so as to achieve food hygiene requirements.

5、 the appearance of the material is SUS304 stainless steel,food grade white PU belt.

6、finishing line and automatic arguments expected by the same control system,speed up the implementation of the linkage mechanism: the material came from the back-end,front-end fast feeding; backend material for a long time,the front slow; backend (packaging machine) shut down,the front end stopped.

7、reducing packaging machine downtime frequency,to ensure product quality seal,suitable for packaging products with higher requirements.

Using range

Mainly for French bread,pie,swiss roll,peanut candy,pineapple cakes,etc. There are certain rules of appearance of packaging materials.

Technical parameter

Arguments expected speed 40-180bag/min
Material Length 20-150mm
Material width 20-80mm
Height of the material 5-50mm
Total power 5.7KW
Weight 1500kg
Machine Dimensions (L * W * H) 7500*950*1200mm
Machine noise ≤60db
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
Atmospheric pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa

Real shot