Multi lanes Granule Packing Machine

Product name: Multi lanes Granule Packing Machine


1. Famous brand PLC control system,large touch screen,convenient to operate;

2. Advanced design,high precision and fast speed;

3. No film alarm,saving materials and no wasting film;

4. Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film

Suitable to pack granule materials,such as sugar,spice,salt,etc.

Technical parameter

Model JEV-960Y-8
Capacity Max 320bags/min
Bags size Length:45---120mm
Film width Max:960mm
Film thickness 0.05-0.1mm
Air consumption 0.8Mpa  0.8m3/min
Power source 3.6KW  220V  50HZ
Measuring range 1-25ml
Dimension L1216 x W2150 x H1880mm
Weight 420kg