JEV Series large vertical packaging machine

Product name: JEV Series large vertical packaging machine

Main performance & characteristics

1、Imported PLC and color touch screen,HMI, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient.

2、Separate pneumatic control and power control, noise is low, and the circuit is more stable.

3、Vacuum film feeding device and two synchronous belt device with servo control system,less film pulling resistance,high orientation precision, bag design can be kept well.And belts is more durable.

4、External film feeding mechanism. Film setting is easier and faster.

5、Close down type mechanism, defending dust into inside of machine.

6、Works with metering device,it can complete the whole procedure of metering, filling,bagging,date printing,exhausting,counting automatically.



Suitable for packing different kinds of products with different metering devices.

1.Elctronic Weighing System 4. Auger Filler

2.Volumetric Cup Metering Device 5. Liquid Filling and Weighing Device

3.emi-automatic Feeding Device


Optional Function:

1.Air flushing system

2.Nitrogen gas flushing

3.Hole punch device

4.Tear notch device

5.Link bag device

6.Flip device

7.Gusset bag

8. PE bag device


Optional External Device:

1. Air Compressor  4. Nitrogen generator
2. Check weigher 5. 10/14/16 head combined weigher
3. Metal detector  6. Sala combined weigher

Technical parameter

Model JEV-520C JEV-680C JEV-820C
Measuring range 2000ml(Max) 4000ml(Max) 6000ml(Max)
Bag-making size / / /
Front width 75-130mm 75-130mm 75-130mm
Side width 40-80mm 40-80mm 40-80mm
With of side seal 5-10mm 5-10mm 5-10mm
Bag length 100-380mm 100-380mm 100-380mm
Packaging speed 10-60bags/min 10-60bags/min 10-60bags/min
Packaging material OPP/PP、OPP/CPP PT/PE、PE、KOP/CPP、PT/PE/x AL/PE etc. Any heat-sealable composite materials foil/film
Max width of film roll 520mm( Box bag :460mm) 680mm( Box bag :520mm) 820mm( Box bag :680mm)
Voltage 220V 50-60Hz 220V 50-60Hz 220V 50-60Hz
Power 5.5Kw 5.5Kw 5.5Kw
Dimension L1500*W1220*H 1800mm L1500*W1220*H 1800mm L1500*W1220*H 1800mm
Machine Weight 600Kg 700Kg 850Kg