BG-4 New type multifunctional Ice-cream filling machine

Product name: BG-4 New type multifunctional Ice-cream filling machine

BG series of ice cream filling machine is intermittent type, with sync multipoints filling, maine finished products are ice cream cones, circular cup ice cream. With the function of setting up the cup, squaring away, perfusion, decorated, adding jam, head spraying chocolate, automatic capping, the glanding and so on .This equipment adopts mechanical transmission as its main drive system. It can control the production by adjusting the converter.

Through the inverter control implementation productivity stepless speed regulation. Intermittent driving choose arc indexing CAM mechanism, with the advantages of large output torque, smooth transmission, accurate location .The main station adopts CAM lifting system and other gas control system, with the advantages of fast sensitive, no noise and pollution. All stations of actions can be edited and controlled by the microcomputer. It is easy to operate and realize high automation.

The equipment is compact in design and beautiful,easy to operate and succinct, quick cleaning and disinfection, especially suitable for large and medium-sized enterprise for making mass production for cone ice cream and ice cream garden.

Technical parameter

Thesuuction cover station Spray finshing station Rotary pull station Jam filling station
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