SD800B(A) Ice-cream extrusion Production Line

Product name: SD800B(A) Ice-cream extrusion Production Line

This equipment is suitable for mass production of ice cream filling extrusion products. This machine has the function of filling high garland, reserved section, transverse extrusion function. All frame of this machine adopts S.S. 304. Adopt built-in motor variable frequency speed control for transmission. And two scream body work as main transmission function.

Our equipment adopts latest research of air bag tension( passed the patent). It is stable when working in the low temperature condition, also extend the service life of the chain.

Adopts Panasonic servo motor system, Panasonic PLC, touch screen and pneumatic components to realize the progra m control.This device has the advantages of beautiful appearance, easy operation, especially widely apply in the large and medium sized enterprises to mass product.

Technical Parameter

6-rows filling station Production process The double helix transmis Thedouble helix transmis

Note: Max production capacity depends on prodct size and other factors.The actual dosage of the compressed air (free air) is subject to the type.

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