300L  liter continuous ice cream freezer

Product name: 300L liter continuous ice cream freezer

Main performance & Structure Characteristics:

1、This machine is continuous ice-cream freezer.Independent refrigeration system, which is composite of International brand Copeland semi-closed refrigeration compressors,valves and other matching pipes,stable and reliable.

2、All the food contact parts of the machine are made of stainless steel (or hard chrome plating stainless steel, hard chrome plating nickel material)

3、Its easy to detach and install the parts which need to clean which have ensured the hygiene requirements of food processing.

4、This machine is easy to install and operate, which is the ideal equipment for ice cream industrial production.


Technical parameter:
Capacity of production 300L/H
Input Temperature 2℃-4℃
Output Temperature -4℃
Consumption of Cooling Water about 1M3/H(12-18,0.15-0.4MPa)
Refrigerants R22/R404A
Refrigerant Water Filling Amount 8kg
Total power Conventional (R22)7.8KW
(R502) 8.5KW Dish Valve
(R22)9.2KW Dish Valve
Dimensions 1400 x 800x 1800mm (L*W*H)
Weight about 700kg