YL12-15000 Colored Ice-cream Making Machine

Product name: YL12-15000 Colored Ice-cream Making Machine

This machine is used for producing ice cream of single color,single layer,doublelayer,all kinds fruit and chocolate taste.The machine has reached the internationally advanced technology level.adopting complete pneumatic working,Siemens PLC & HMI display all operation data in the touch screen. The cold brine supply of machine adopts double - in,single- out method to increase the heat and cold exchanging speed and flowing speed, realize energy and costs saving, the length of moulds can reach 160mm,and 55pieces mechanical arms .these created favorable conditions for development of new types ice creams.

Technical Parameter

No.1 charging equipment: suits to charge cold drink raw materialswith lower content of milk fat Absorber: used to absorb out the se serosity in the center of ice-cream which has not forzen to solid, in order to pour another the kind of ice-cream raw material to make the kind of icecream with with filling. No2 charging equipment: suit to charge the kind of ice-cream serum material which has higher content of mailk fat and has been undergone freezing expansion. Automaticaly coating chooolate equipment you shoula equip chocolate temperature adjustment cylines and some other auxiliary machines to ensure that the mechanisem can work nomally and have steady product quality.

Note: The max output means when the temperature arricesat-3c, if the product is different, the output will depend on the practical kind of ice ceram . (weight ofperpiece< 75g)

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