JYPF-5 Pastries making machine

Product name: JYPF-5 Pastries making machine

Applicable For

Pastry,Filled Cookie,Meat Pastry,Vegetable Pastry,Sweet Bean Cake and pies.


1: The Pastry Machine is improved and optimized on the basis of automatic Pastry Forming Machine.

2: Rolling dough device and power take-off device have been adopted,also with spreading flour device to make flour piece become glossing and stable.

3: You can match Plastic Cutter Encrusting Machine or Steel Cutter Encrusting Machine according to their need. It is applied to the full automatic production.

Main Technical Parameter
Model JYPF-5
each product weight 15-100g/pcs
opacity 1000-6000pcs/hour
power 4.8Kw
overall size 3150mm*630mm*1500mm
wheel width 80-280mm(The width can be designed according to your requirement)