Automatic mooncake/maamoul biscuit production line

Product name: Automatic mooncake/maamoul biscuit production line

Suitable for:

Maamoul,Fruit Bar,Two-Color Cookie,Soft Biscuit and Filled Cookie assembly line work.


1: The maamoul production line is multi-functional line. It can produce Maamoul,Mooncake,Filled Cookie,Dates Bars,Pumpkin Pie,Fruit Bar and Two-Color Cookie.

2: It is with new technology.

3: By combining addtional hopper,the line can also produce Double Filling Product.

4: This production line not only suitable nonsticky ingredient,also sutiable for sticky ingredient.

5: The Main Electric Parts are all world famous brand. Such as Japan Mitsubishi,Omron.

6: It is high automatic. The main electric parts are all world famous brand elements to make sure.

Main Technical Parameter

Production capacity  20-55pcs/min
Product weight 12-180g
Power 7.2kw
Machine Weight 1380kg

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