JE-400C overwrapping machine

Product name: JE-400C overwrapping machine

The machine is driven by a series of cams, connecting rods and other accessories, which are applicable for wrapping big-sized cases such as multi-boxes, which driving principle is intermittent. Model JE-400C overwrappping machine is applicable for wrapping big sized box such as food box with biscuit/chocolate etc. using BOPP film with tear tape.

Standard attachment:

1. When the height is different,it''''s easy to change the folding blade and propulsor on folding street.

2. PLC control with touch display.

3. Automatic counter, Speed adjuster and temperature adjuster

4. Temperature, and film length adjustment via the touch dislay.

5. Film cutter device,tear tape device.

Technical parameter
Model JE-400C
Package size (100-300)x(50-200)x(15-80)MM3
Capacity 12-15packs/min
Voltage Single phase  220V,50~60hz
Motor power 0.75kw
Electric heating power 4kw
Overall dimension 2400mm×1200mm×1900mm(L×W×H)
Conveyor 1800 X 900 X100 MM
N.weight 1200kg

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