JE-2000A Overwrapping Machine

Product name: JE-2000A Overwrapping Machine

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overwrapping of tea cartons adds extensive value to the tea contained inside. Whether the tea carton contains tea bags, loose tea, herbal tea or bag in box Overwrapping the outer carton confirms to the consumer that the product inside has not been touched since it left the factory. For example, overwrapping protects the protruding cardboard lip of caddy style cartons which can easily be damaged in transit. For bag in box applications it proves beyond doubt that the contents have not been substituted for an inferior quality and for tagged tea boxes it controls the spread of the aroma, extremely important when different herbal teas sit side by side on the super market shelf.


1/Functions: Anti-false and moisture-proof.

2/Adjustable to different sizes.

3/Speed Adjuster, temp. adjuster.

4/ hopper feeding, Tear-tape device. 

Technical parameter
Model JE-2000A
Production capacity 30-45 packs/min
Package size (L)40-160mmX(W))20-80mmX(H)10-60mm
Voltage supply 220V    50Hz single phase
Electric Power 380V 60hz three phase by special order
Electric heating 0.75Kw
Power consume 4Kw
Overall size 2250X1000X1800MM
G.WEIGHT 950kg

Mechanical structure diagram

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