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PFS-F350 Pedal Sealer

Product name: PFS-F350 Pedal Sealer


PFS series pedal sealer can seal polyethylene, polypropylene and multi-layer composite film. The body made by the aluminum die-casting, high life, thermal insulation performance. This is a new, safe and ideal for heavyweight sealing machine. Machine with a large power transformer, can be adjusted up and down with the weight bracket, sealing fast, strength, strong, suitable for rice, soybeans and other agricultural products and chemical products packaging seal.

Technical parameters

Model PFS-F350 PFS-F450 PFS-F650
Power 600W 800W 1000W
Sealing length 350mm 450mm 600mm
Sealing width 5-8mm 5-8mm 5-8mm
Imensions (L × W × H) 450x150x880cm 550x520x880cm 700x570x880cm
Net weight 25Kg 26Kg 29Kg
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