CS-900 Stainless Steel Continuous Film Sealing Machine

Product name: CS-900 Stainless Steel Continuous Film Sealing Machine


CS series continuous film sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature and the step less transmission device structure,a variety of sealing materials,plastic film bags,and a variety of packaging line can also be supporting the use of sealing length is unlimited. Widely used in food,pharmaceutical,chemical,daily necessities,agricultural products and other items of packaging,mass production efficiency,processing plants,shops,the best sealing option.

Technical parameters

Model CS-900ST CS-900STI CS-900STII
Power(V/HZ) A/C 220/50 110/60
Transmission power(W) 50
Sealing heating(W) 300*2
Sealing width(mm) 8 10
Sealing speed(m/min) 0-12(0-16)
Temperature Control(℃) 0-300
imensions (L × W × H) (mm) 840×380×320 840×380×550 540×550×800
Net weight(KG) 25 30 35
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