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Packaging equipment upgrades to accelerate enterprises should actively respond

Clicks: 12810     Date: 2013-07-06    
There are relatively few in the country specializing in the research and development of packaging machinery manufacturers, which is our current deficiencies. But in many packaging machinery manufacturers continue efforts in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturing, metrology, technical performance and other aspects are achieved good results, especially in the beverage filling equipment with a complete set, fast, high degree of automation, excellent reliability and other characteristics. Also in the food packaging machine technology have also been greatly improved and enhanced. Mechatronics, making the demand for automated packaging machines doubled, packaging machinery and equipment in the next few years demand will grow rapidly.

In the constantly changing market, in China''s packaging machinery and equipment are constantly improving, and in the development process, the better the product quality is extremely important, companies should vigorously develop the international market, so as to make China''s packaging machinery out of China, to the world.

International market will continue to increase demand for packaging machinery, investment in new equipment can improve production efficiency, flexibility, reliability, thereby reducing material waste. Currently, many global packaging equipment have entered the replacement period, the investment in fixed assets of enterprises in order to survive the inevitable thing to do in the increasingly fierce market competition, China''s packaging machinery industry, of course, also seize the opportunity.